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In the sea of night where my soul is real,
broken visions let the darkness heal,
and the dream of life will surely reside...

I can hear your heart, I can touch your skin,
feel the whole world breathing from within,
I can live it here forever inside.
"you said its the weather
when I asked why it is I’m so cold
what you forgot to mention is
that it’s the middle of the
summer and whether or not you
would be back by the time fall hit,
well, fall hit and the leaves
crunching beneath my shoes sound
like door slams and i stay up thinking
if you weren’t around to hear it;
did it really happen

you don’t call the next day and
i know for sure it happened,
you say i should move on,
i picked the boy with your fingers
and spent the night thinking about the
way he would look on top of me
and spent the morning hoping you
couldn’t read minds,
because mine wasn’t on yours
this time and im sorry,
you say you will call and i think about
the way winter hit without you around
to see, because it happened and this
time it didn’t leave bruises"
-theres a vacant sign next to your things in my bedroom | fragilefuck (via fragilefuck)


if you’re going to ignore my texts you might as well change my contact name to terms and condition 

reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you




marble sculptures are one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen i mean


that’s stone and someone made it look transparent


do you see that fabric?


do you see that fluffy pillow?


do you see that anatomy and those humans muscles?

no you do not because that’s all fucking marble


Hammer and chisel sculpting is fucking hard I don’t know how they did this

"A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke."

Vincent Van Gogh (via thatkindofwoman)

So true…..

(via beautiful-blue-eyed-girl)